About Us

Tailor Made Social is an online marketing specialist offering off the shelve products, tailored marketing strategies for your business, and brand marketing consultancy based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. 


Founded back in 2012 by our co-founder, Leanne MacDuff, an award-winning creative pioneer recognised by the UK Government, The Metro, and The IPA as a digital native of her generation. After a year of speaking events, working with clients on a one-to-one basis, teaching social media for other digital marketing agencies, and setting up marketing workshops,  Leanne went on to work with national and global brands both in house and working with agencies to deliver high-value content marketing and social media marketing strategy. Working from all aspects of the website to digital communications, social media marketing, and content strategy Leanne has grown in her understanding of marketing and business over the last 7 years. In 2016, she created and launched seven product lines which she brought to the market, with the support of The Prince's Trust that continues to run to this day.


Fast forward to today, Leanne works with co-founder and life partner Matt Foley to delivery passionate results for small businesses and entrepreneurs who need don't have the time, money, or experience of setting up a successful marketing strategy, social media marketing offering or know how to go about planning and implementing a successful campaign marketing strategy. 


Matt Foley, is an experienced professional in the finance and housing industry. He will bring a good knowledge of financial planning a reporting to the business as well as degree level experience of international marketing,  operations management, customer service management, and business strategy. Matt has over 9 years of working within the finance industry to bring business management and financial planning.

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