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Welcome to the Tailor Made Social blog! We are so excited to be launching out to the big wide world and offering a range of off the shelf products, tailored marketing toolkits, and tailored campaign marketing strategy planners, consultancy services, and more.

First off, let me introduce myself. I'm Leanne, and I'm the senior creative director and senior consultant in the business. On the right of the picture, you'll see Matt. Matt is my partner in business and in life. Matt is our Managing director taking care of the operations side of the business. Together we have 20 years experience in business and marketing. With experience in working in national and global companies, sitting in on social media boards making marketing decisions at a brand level. This also includes the experience of overseeing more than 200 marketers and assisting them with best practice, support, training, and guidance on social media and campaign marketing.

So what can you expect from this blog? Here, I'll be sharing news on our business and industry trends and topics. If you are on social media, then we've just launched on Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, and you can check us out on our brand new podcast - soon to launch next week. And if you're looking for industry insight, or need help tailoring your marketing experience then give us a shout. We'd love to help anyway we can.

Drop us a message and be sure to say hi!

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